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What is Clashub?

Clashub Beta Edition released and you can play it on BNB Chain.
Clashub is an NFT card game that can offer a Play2Earn system in its token economy for all launched or upcoming NFT collections.
The Clashub algorithm transforms NFTs owned by players into playing cards that can be used within the Clashub if NFTs belong to an approved collection. Players using these cards, fight their opponents and can earn CLASH Tokens.
The most important feature of Clashub is that it offers a game platform where you can use NFTs of different collections together.
Clashub’s strongest aspect is that it offers the possibility to use NFT collections from different networks within the same game. Your NFTs on different networks if include approved NFT collections, you can use them your playing cards on Clashub.
NFTs from collectibles not approved by Clashub cannot be included in the game.


Last modified 4mo ago